pacLuthIcon.pngPacific Lutheran - Heulab Apps Training

Files used in the training session conducted at Pacific Lutheran on 28th May.
All the files used in the session can be downloaded from the links below.

FWCBig.gifFun With Construction Training

FWCFileIcon.pngThe FWC file you worked on in the training session.
(Right click the icon and choose "Save As")

madeEasy.png FWC Made Easy Guide

(PDF Format - 3.5MB)

This is the visual guide to help you learn how to use FWC the easy way.
Lots of examples and helpful hints too.

Angle Exercises.
FWCFileIcon.png The FWC file for Download
Exercise 01
Angles Introduction
Video Sneak Peek
Take a quick look at what’s in the FWC file here.
(Right click and choose "Save As" to save this SWF file to your computer)

FMBbig.gifMindBook Training

This Mindbook file is the example FMB file shown in the session (6MB).
(Right click the icon and choose "Save As")

TXTIcon.png The sample text about snakes used in the session to create your mindmap.
(Right click the icon and choose "Save As")

HCLogoSmall.jpgHeuCampus Training
Please see the Heucampus training videos here.