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The company behind the software I use in my training sessions...
Heulab has been in operation in Australia since the beginning of 2007 and currently operates in more than six countries around the world. The main focus of my training sessions is with the Fun With Construction software which is one application in the FunPack series. Please visit the heulab homepage for more information on their products and services.

An Introduction from Heulab's Homepage

Heulab is a leading independent Learning Software Development Specialist, It is committed towards delivering enriching educational experiences through innovative use of technology. Heulab combines years of education acumen and expert IT knowledge to deliver top-of-the-line educational software solutions to the global classroom. With strong capability in 'infocomm' technologies – Tablet PCs and digital inking applications, Heulab is well suited to address the specific needs of students and teachers for the digital classroom environment.
Catering to educators, the individual student and the classroom community, Heulab's fun, interactive software models transform the learning experience into an intensive, creative process that stimulates cognitive, experiential and academic learning. With continued productive investments in research and development, HeuLab has developed a suite of educational applications targeted at the K-12 and tertiary education market

Heulab Products

Heulab Brochure...
Get the information on all the Heulab applications. Download this printable PDF product brochure featuring the following products.
  • HeuCampus
  • Fun With Construction
  • Fun With Mindbook
  • D-Book

About Heulab Applications...
Fun With Construction
Fun With Mindbook

Digital Book