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MindbookThumb01.jpgMind Book is a mind mapping application title with the unique ability of allowing students to interact with a digital piece of text to create a mind map. Students have the ability within this program to create mind maps and also notes. When creating notes students are given a unique two step process encourages them to first work through the text and highlight key words.

These keywords are placed in order into a hierarchical list with the press of a button. Mind Book’s thought activating two step process enable students to deeply focus on the text at hand while identifying the inter-relations between key points.

Also within Mind Book is a document organizer and also a calendar. This enables students and teachers to all there information together and also keep track of assignment and exam dates.

Fun With Mindbook - Quick start Guide.
This quick start guide shows how to get started with the program's mind mapping functionality. It's an easy to read guide with many illustrations.
Many thanks to Graham Hughes from Brigidine for the great resource.
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Download sample files that demonstrate Mindbook's functionality
Fun With Mindbook Demonstration Video