Fun With Construction

Fun with Construction is a blank digital canvas that allows teachers to create activities in Mathematics, Geography, Map Reading and Flow Charting. It also allows for student to work through mathematical tasks created by their teacher and themselves.

FWCThumb01.jpgThe application features a range of tools and objects which can be manipulated on the digital canvas by teachers and students. When using the tools in this program students and teachers have the ability to manipulate and use rulers, compasses, protractors and other mathematical tools as you would in real life.

There is also a ‘layering’ function that allows students and teachers to layer each process to demonstrate mathematical processes and understandings.

madeEasy.pngNEW - Take a look at the New FWC Made Easy Guide

(PDF Format - 4.7MB)
This is the visual guide to help you learn how to use FWC the easy way.
Lots of examples and helpful hints too.


NEW - Version 3.7.3 Release

Take a look at the new features and advanced layout in the newest version of FWC.
New tools and improved functionality is complemented with a new Office 07 style ribbon bar menu.
Click the image to the left to read more and see a video preview of the new functionality.

Primary Mathematics Dictionary - Access here

year2icon.pngLower Primary FWC Resources
FWC files and resources for primary teachers and have been designed specifically for use with younger primary students.

One and Two Step Questions
This page contains video explanations of the principals underpinning simple math questions as well as five FWC files each with 10 investigative problems. The problems are scaffolded so young primary students will be able to investigate the problems in an

FWC Resource Links

FWCResourcesIcon03.pngFWC File Templates
These files are ready to go.
Just download and teach.

FWCResourcesIcon02.pngSample FWC Files
Download sample files that
demonstrate FWC functionality.

FWCResourcesIcon04.pngFWC Training and How to...
Find out how to use FWC functionality
including tips and tricks.

FWCResourcesIcon01.pngTeacher Spotlight + Sample Files
Sample files created by teachers
using the software in the classroom.
FWC Video Overview