D-Book stands for Digital Book and is particularly relevant as more and more text books are now being sold with an accompanying PDF version. This PDF file can be copied to D-Book, where it is converted to an interactive workbook for teachers and students. Once text has been encapsulated by the D-Book software the students are able to write notes and highlight directly onto the textbook and save these for future reference. The real advantage of working with digital media instead of paper media, is that they are also able to insert typed notes, links to web sites and files, as well as, links to other pages of the text. The student may also choose to embed other documents, photos and video into the D-Book’s resource file. When creating the D-Book file, the teacher is able to create their own table of content and lesson sequences. Imagine as a teacher being able to sequence pages of the text book to fit in with your lesson sequence. D-Book truly enables books to enter the 21st century and come to life with digital interactivity and rich media

DBook Sample Screenshots