Conferences and Events
ConferenceImage.pngHeulab is an active participant in educational conferences and events. We both sponsor and display our products at major events through out Australia as well as conducting break-out sessions and making presentations. Please find resources from our events below.

EveningPMsmall.png Evening With Prime Minister Kevin Rudd
PM4small.JPG24th October - Brisbane - Australia
Heulab management shared an evening with Prime Minister Kevin Rudd at the Cannon Hill Anglican College to hear him speak about education and were afforded the opportunity to meet with him afterward.

ACECIconSmall.pngACEC04.JPGAustralian Computers in Education Conference (ACT on IcT)
29th September - 2nd October - Canberra - Australia
Heulab had a strong presence at the conference, not only displaying their software at a trade display but giving informative presentations on the software titles.


ERAatJPCLigoSmall.pngEducation Revolution in Action (Making IT Work)
8th September - 9th September - Brisbane - Australia
Heulab presented software solutions to delegates at their stand and demonstrated how it's software titles can bring a high level of interaction cooperation to the digital environment.

ELHlogoIcon.pngExpanding Learning Horizons (Innovation, Impact and Accountability)
31stAugust - 2nd September - Melbourne Australia
Heulab was once again proud to be a sponsor of the Expanding Learning Horizons conference in Lorne, Victoria this year. ELH is an extensive professional development conference tailored to challenge, inspire and motivate Principals, Heads of Curriculum, Teachers and Professional Development Coordinators in the area of Technology in education. This year the conference attracted over 400 delegates and twenty technology focused vendors.


shareITlogothumb.pngShare IT 2008 (Into The Future)
14th August - Brisbane Australia
shareIT03.jpgThis year, Ferny Grove’s ShareIT conference attracted a record number of delegates, a record number of presentations and a record number of IT firms in the display hall. The conference is renowned as being a hub of sharing and networking with colleagues and experts alike, an this year's event was no exception. Heulab was proud to again be a part of this high level IT event. Heulab displayed in the presentation hall as well as conducting break out sessions on both math and mindmapping software. The breakout sessions were unique as they not only showcased our unique software but also Toshiba's latest state of the art tablet technologies. participants were able to learn more about the software packages and gain a taste for how the software lends itself to the tablet environment. All up, participants were able to walk away with an in depth knowledge of a software and hardware technology solution package and gain an insight into how they worked together.

CannonHillIcon.png CH01.JPGCannon Hill - Summer Schools
5th August - Brisbane Australia
This month Cannon Hill Anglican College has hosted the first annual "Australian Summer Schools Graduates’ Initiative" conference. The conference titled "Challenging and Engaging Students for Mathematics in Primary and Secondary" was held on Tuesday 5th August at the Cannon Hill Anglican College and included delegates from over 17 private and public sector schools. The conference is specifically designed to expose mathematics teachers to research and strategies on how to challenge and engage students in the mathematics classroom and work with latest technologies and software with practical applications to the mathematics classroom. Workshops with specialists enabled teachers and administrators to develop a network of schools which promotes the sharing of ideas and resources. With informative keynote addresses and numerous break out sessions, delegates were able to gain access to the latest educational theory on teaching math in technologically advanced world. The hands on sessions provided for practical reinforcement of skills.
Mark Christensen, Heulab Australia's Business manager, conducted two break out sessions focusing on the Fun With Construction math software. These sessions were aimed at primary and secondary math subjects respectively and showcased the software's ability to cater for the needs of both primary and secondary teachers and students.

ConferenceImage.png2 008 Queensland Association of Secondary Principals (QSPA) Conference: Leadership for The Future – The Global Citizen; Sustainability, Impact.
4th-6th June 2008 - Brisbane Australia
From 4th-6th June 2008, secondary principals from all regions of Queensland gathered in Hilton Hotel, Brisbane for annual QSPA Conference. The event commanded over 100 delegates. The conference focused on issues relevant to secondary education in a global economy. There was over thirty breakout sessions and presentations from school leaders, researchers and special interest groups. Also present were vendors representing education related organizations and suppliers of software and hardware to schools.
HeuLab presented a display of educational software in conjunction with Toshiba Australia. With a focus on the flagship product “Fun With Construction” demonstrations of all the software titles were done at the trade table and projected for delegates to observe.

ConferenceImage.png2008 MSP Combined QLD Principals Association State Conference: Leaders of Learning - Serious Learning. Serious Fun

August - Brisbane Australia
This year conference, hosted in Sofitel Hotel, Brisbane from 5th-7th June 2008, was again a great success with many presentations and break-out sessions focusing on the future of learning and school leadership in the 21st century. Principals were able to come away from sessions and presentations with much valuable information and leads as well as up to date theory on developmental work being done in education today. With over 120 delegates, the event was a huge success and good opportunity for networking and sharing.

HeuLab presented at a display booth in conjunction with Toshiba mobile devices. The Toshiba machines were used as a platform to demonstrate the functionality of HeuLab software and with a number of tablet PCs on display, the advanced inking functionality built in to HeuLab software was clearly made evident to all viewers. With many technology and software vendors present, principals were given a good opportunity to compare and contrast HeuLab’s advanced software design alongside other vendor’s offerings.

ConferenceImage.pngBe inspired! 2008 Queensland Association of Math Teachers Conference: “My Way or the Highway?”
26th - 28th June - Brisbane Australia

The Queensland branch of the Australian Association of Math Teachers once again put on an impressive conference in 26th-28th June 2008, which attracted over 100 delegates. A major advantage of this function is that it was held in conjunction with the MERGA conference at the University of Queensland. This combination gave participants the opportunity to delve not only into classroom practices but theoretical issues surrounding the teaching of math as well. With many hands-on sessions and keynote presentations from key players in math education, all teachers came away from the conference with a wealth of knowledge and new skills to improve their teaching.

QAMT08img09.JPGHeuLab hosted a break-out session in conjunction with Eva de Vries, the numeracy officer from Independent Schools Queensland. In the session, an explanation of Eva’s research using Heulab software was given and participants were able to get some hands on experience using the Fun With Construction software. HeuLab Australia’s business Manager, Mark Christensen instructed teachers on the advanced fraction and number line functionalities which have been developed in conjunction with the ISQ research project.

ConferenceImage.png2008 Queensland Society of Information Technology in Education (QSITE) State Conference: "Bridging the Great Divide”
3rd- 5th July - Brisbane Australia

Qsite has consistently provided educators with up to date information on the developments in integration of technology in our school system. This year was no exception. The event took place in Fairholme College, Toowomba, in 3rd- 5th July 2008. Delegates gained much insight from the many keynote presentations from researchers and stakeholders in the field of technology in education. To complement this, a huge variety of breakout sessions and learning presentations were given.
Heulab was proud to run two sessions during the event. The first break-out session was a special pre –event primer for teachers interested in incorporating digital techniques into their math instruction. Fun With Construction was used as a platform for teachers to explore the advantages of
Qsite02.JPGutilizing rich media in the delivery of their math instruction.
A presentation session was also run in conjunction with Eva de Vries, the numeracy officer from Independent Schools Queensland. In this session Eva outlined how her research work using Heulab’s Fun With Construction math software had lead to increased engagement of students in trial schools. Links were also drawn between curriculum developments and their relation to the usage of digital teaching technology. The functionality of Heulab’s advanced math software was demonstrated and its implications for the teaching of numbers and fractions explored in greater detail.