RC Project - Introduction Presentation (3rd October - Brisbane)

These Files are the ones given to participants at the ARC Project presentation. You can right click to download the files. Please remember that you need the Fun With Construction software to open the FWC file here. If you don't have the software installed on your computer please download it from our Heulab Website.

The document that was distributed at the session. this document contains contact details as well as graphics of the examples presented at the session.

FWCFileIcon.pngFWC File
This FWC file contains the examples which you worked on in the session.

zipIcon.pngOther FWC Files
This Zip file contains the other example FWC files worked on in the session.

jing.jpg JING Screen Capture Software
JING allows you to capture flash videos of your computer screen. It is a free application. To Install JING you will need to download the software from their website and set it up. Set up requires you to install the Net 3 framework and to register for an account thew first time you run the software.